Welcome to the World War Two Global Connections History Project

Project Overview
The World War Two Global Connections History Project is a global collaborative project.

The project is designed to so that students from different countries and perspectives can learn with each other about World War Two. We are hoping to connect students with different contextual and cultural historical interpretations of the war.


Select one of the eight inquiry topics on the right hand side of this page. (Or feel free to create a new page and add a different topic). If a significant number of people from your class are already contributing to that topic, please select a different topic in which you are also interested. (Limit: five people per topic from each school) We want to have coverage across the spectrum of topics.
For the topic you have selected, please contribute one entry to that wiki page that answers the inquiry question. Then, for the topic you have selected, please work together with the other contributors on that wiki page to co-create a summary of 300 to 400 words. The collective summary should be co-written and its history should show collaborative editing of everyone’s entries.

Please research your topic and work with your group to post an accurate, informative piece.